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Block heat from windows during hot weather with Shade Grade inserts to save money on air conditioning bills and enjoy a cooler home. Indow’s premium Shade Grade inserts are superior to low-E storm windows because they don’t alter your original window frames and are much easier to install and remove. They’re also superior at damping outside noise. They block drafts and reduce noise just as effectively as our Standard Grade inserts.

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Shade Grade Summer Window Insulation


Shade Grade inserts are:

  • ⅛” acrylic glazing with a soft green tint that lets in plenty of light while diffusing excess solar rays; it’s like putting an awesome pair of sunglasses on your windows.
  • Edged in Indow’s patented silicone compression tubing, which doesn’t damage the frame as you insulate windows from heat.
  • Easy to remove for more natural sunlight. If direct sunlight is not the issue, consider Standard Grade to save energy on summer air conditioning.

Shade Grade solar window inserts blend into the surrounding window frame, preserving the look of your original windows while also protecting what’s inside the room from damaging UV rays whether it’s furniture, artwork, photographs, books, wood floors or panelling.


Technical Data on How the Inserts Insulate Windows from Heat:

  • Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) of .49, meaning it reduces solar heat gain by 51%
  • Maintains 57.5% visible light transmittance
  • R-value listing: 1.96
  • UV reduction: 90%

Testimonial on Shade Grade

Beverly lives in the sweltering heat of New Mexico and installed Shade Grade for summer window insulation. Shade Grade provides relief from the baking heat while also reducing outside noise.

“They’re fabulous,” she said. “It’s just the greatest idea.”

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Grade Types

Each grade blocks drafts and reduces outside noise, but our premium grades have special features to make your existing windows work just right. Click here to read about all the different grades.

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What Do They Cost?
Indow Premium Grades start at $36 MSRP per sq ft. That's $432 MSRP for a 3'x4' window opening.*

Consider the cost and distruption of replacing your windows. The national average for a vinyl window is $66-$87 per sq ft and wooden incased windows average $71-$109 per sq ft.

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*Local authorized dealers may charge a measurement and installation fee. Sales tax may apply.

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